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My Story 

I was born and raised in the Santa Cruz mountains in a small house in the middle of the redwoods.  My family didn’t have much but I grew up knowing how to play outdoors, create and be free!  Although I had a good relationship with my mom, my grandmother and I were very close.  At a young age, she immersed me in art.  I remember waking up to her drawing or painting.  She painted on everything, furniture, clothing, whatever she could get her hands on.  I was surrounded by her creativity.  I dabbled in drawing and taking art classes, but I never really found one thing that I  enjoyed. I felt safe with my grandmother and considered her home a place of refuge.  My childhood, outside of the relationship with her, was quite toxic and abusive.  At an early age, I shut down and put up walls. I didn't explore my creativity because  I didn’t want to expose myself to any potential criticism from anyone for any reason.  I always felt that I wasn't good enough and that hurt, so it was easier for me to not even try.  My family continued to encourage me, but I found other ways of occupying my time that I didn't feel I would be judged by.  So art was pushed aside....

One day I was browsing YouTube and I discovered acrylic flow painting. I was a little nervous because I knew I had to let go of control and allow colors to blend and do whatever they do. It is a very abstract medium.  Unlike having the control of a pencil and eraser, this was a completely new experience.  I was surprised that I really enjoyed the process. It was hard for me at first, and sometimes I am disappointed with the outcome, but more often than not, I sit and marvel over the beauty of these paintings.  I can't really explain the level of happiness that comes over me when I complete a beautiful drawing or pour a beautiful painting.  I feel elated, alive and FREE.  Art has really become a daily ritual.  It calms me, helps me relax and become move centered.  My son is really enjoying it too!  He often asks to go in the studio to do art!  

I want to help others find the joy and creativity inside themselves through art.  If one person can find joy from exploring their creativity, trying something new, I will be fulfilled. My art parties and art lessons are all geared toward creating an experience that is exciting and fun.  Everyone that participates has been overjoyed with their results. 

Thank you for reading my story and having a look around.  I hope you enjoy what you see.  :)

Most of my art is for sale.  I feel I can use my creativity as a way to "give back".

A portion of every sale will be used to give back to the Laura's House or The Shea Center for Therapeutic Riding.  My son has coordination and motor skill issues that have improved because of riding lessons at The Shea Center.  Laura's House not only has an emergency shelter to help women, but they provide therapy and resources that help women get legal advice and learn how to cope and live without abuse. 

My life has been a rollercoaster of abusive relationships one after another. In my last relationship, I had a little boy.  My son was born with Autism.  Some may consider this to be a disability, or a sad thing, but I do not see it that way.  My son is the happiest kid I have ever met, the absolute light of my life and I cherish every day I have with him.   

It wasn’t until this last year that I got the courage to stand up for myself and my son and leave my marriage.  I found the help I needed from the Laura's House, to live on my own. I began a life of healing.  Through therapy and life coaching, I rediscovered art.  It is like the flood gates have been opened.  Everything in my heart and soul is spilling on to paper and canvas.  I can't stop creating.  I am trying everything!  It all began with a drawing of a mermaid .  To me, mermaids symbolize a powerful, beautiful, mystical and free woman.  They make me feel empowered. I loved drawing them, and my sketch book started filling up.  I also Started to draw butterflies.  Butterfies symbolize transformation and I love to draw them on beautiful flowers. I paint...It feels good to create beautiful colorful art.  I can't say I enjoy painting still life drawings or anything that has to look "REAL". I enjoy the abstract...

LivLive. Love. Laughed