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Art Parties 

What to expect....

Acrylic pouring parties are a really fun way to bring together friends and family or provide a fun activity to do at work .  If you are looking for a way to explore your creativity and try something new, this might be the perfect option. Creativity connects people.

I will host parties for up to 30 people.  I supply all of the painting supplies and canvas,  Participants will be able to create two 8x10 paintings with a choice of color selected with my help.  Check out some of the things people are saying about their experiences at the parties I have hosted below.

What people are saying...

“Thanks Virginia for introducing me to a new, fun art form. And thank you Shandi for getting us all together"

Candace H. 

"That was seriously so fun. I really enjoyed the whole night and love my paintings. I am twitching with OCD. I need to make another one, so I have three" 

Beth K.

"I had so much fun. You did an amazing job. I admire you for doing something you love. You are going to be very successful and you're business is going to grow leaps and bounds"

Alina W. 

Such a fun night! You were so organized and thoughtful in your instruction, it made everyone feel like a capable artist. 

Marnie W.

What an amazing night!!! I can't wait to show my family my artwork.

Angela W.

That was a blast! You did an awesome job. We will do it again soon, and next time we will do the waves!

Shandi R.